RENTAL & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Please note: -That owners do not always advice us if the property has already been let, prior to your enquiry. -An owner may have changed the rates before your enquiry, before advicing us. -Owners expect us to fetch a certain minimum rental period in peak season (Dec/Jan) Number of guests:   On enquiry by a prospective tenant and before acceptance of the rental the dates and number of occupants will be confirmed  with the owner. Lease agreement:   Once dates and numbers are agreed a legal document is drawn up for both the tenant and owner to sign. The contract reflects the gross daily tariff. The commision is 15% on short term rentals and 10% on long term rentals.  Once the contracts have been signed and confirmed the Lessee pays the deposit. Should the rental be for DEC/JAN the full rental amount not deducting the deposit is payable by the tenant 15 th November.  Rentals during the year are expected to be paid a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival.    No tenants will take occupation if the said is not paid in full.  Cleaning, inventory and maintenance:  A pre clean and inventory will be done before occupation. This will be for the owner’s account.  A post clean, laundry and inventory will be done after departure. This will be for the tenant’s account.  Payment: The owner will be paid on occupation of the house unless otherwise agreed. Arrival day: Please collect the house keys from our office (Shop 13, Village Shopping Centre, St Francis Bay)   Office hours are between 8am - 5pm.   After hours keys can be collected from Calibre security (located in the Village Shopping Centre)  Departure day:Please deliver the house keys back to our office or after hours with Calibre security.  Post clean, inventory and maintenance:  Our contractors will clean and do the inventory inspection,the day after departure, unless otherwise agreed. Linen and towels will be taken to the laundromat for cleaning and returned when done,unless otherwise agreed. Any damages and/or breakages will be attended to and deducted from the tenant’s deposit. The deposit is refunded after deduction and a complete inspection of the house but no later than 14 days after departure  depending on the extent of the damages  Note to Owners: I have not experienced any major damages by tenants, however it would be advisable for to store away any items that are  irreplaceable and of value.  It would also be advisable to insure that insurance is in order to cover the rental house during  tenants stay.