RENTAL & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT RENTAL CONTRACT: This Agreement needs to be completed, signed, scanned or faxed back to 0866846900 within a week of making this reservation.  Should the agreement not be received within the week, this Agreement will be cancelled in order to let the premises to other prospective tenants DEPOSIT: The deposit amount is not deductible from the rental payment due. We confirm that your deposit will be placed into our Trust Account (which is a non-interest bearing account) and is refundable once the premises have been inspected, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days after departure.  Inspection will take place after the property has been vacated, cleaned and linen laundered. Any breakages and/or damages will be advised to both Lessor and Lessee within 14 (Fourteen) days after departure and replacements and/or repairs thereof will be deducted from the said deposit.  RENTAL / CANCELLATION: The total rental amount is payable by the end of November  (December reservations) The total rental amount is payable no later than 14 days prior to occupation (Other rentals)  Should the rental amount not be paid in full by the due date, this reservation will be cancelled in order to let the premises to other prospective tenants December reservations: If this reservation is cancelled the Lessee will forfeit the full deposit amount. Cancellation after the 15th of November the Lessee will forfeit 100% of the rental and the deposit. Any decision made to refund the Lessee will be a decision made by the Lessor and not the letting agent. Should the number of nights stay, in accordance to the Agreement change to a lesser amount of nights stay, within 14 day prior to occupation, the full rental amount, as per this Agreement, is payable and any shortfall of payments will be deducted from the said deposit.  Any additional tenants, other than the agreed numbers as per this Agreement, will pay a daily rental of R150.00 per person per night and will be deducted from the said deposit.  LINEN AND TOWELS: Should linen and towels be provided, a laundry fee will be deducted from the tenant’s deposit. PETS: No pets are allowed without prior arrangement. A penalty of R50.00 per day will be charged and in addition full fumigation of the house and all carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned and deducted from the said deposit DSTV: Please note that Multi-Choice will no longer allow cards to be married to foreign decoders and therefore you will be required to bring your DSTV decoder, remote and card to watch TV. DOMESTIC SERVICES: A domestic can be arranged for your own account at R210 per day.  We can assist in providing a domestic for you; however you will arrange the days, hours and payment directly with her. The work done by domestic will be at the tenant’s own risk.